Gluten-Free Diet FAQ

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The following are frequently asked questions about the traditional gluten-free diet. The questions that I have written answers for—thus far—contain a link.

The other questions are a sampling of the questions that will be answered in the coming weeks and months.

Also see my list of gluten-free foods and my sans gluten” diet tips.

Do know that I am not a recipe creator (though I am a respectable recipe follower). So you won't find any recipes in this FAQ or anywhere on


I will let you know about some of the best gluten-free recipe creators out there!

“Like millions of humans in the world, I have to live gluten free. I have celiac disease, although I chafe at the word disease. Being diagnosed with celiac changed my life, in ways that I could never stop listing. Now, I am no longer low energy, prone to falling ill, or depressed. Now, I am free. Now, I am alive.

And I don’'t miss gluten at all.”

— Shauna James Ahern, blogger at Gluten Free Girl and the Chef and author (with her chef husband, Daniel Ahern) of Gluten-Free Girl Every Day and other cookbooks

Questions About Gluten and the Benefits of the Gluten-Free Diet

What foods contain gluten?

What is the definition of gluten?

What is the gluten definition according to the FDA?

Why go gluten free?

Is the no-gluten diet really gluten free?

Questions About Gluten-Free Foods

Stated briefly, what is on the gluten-free diet food list?

What is amaranth?

What is teff?

Can you recommend a gluten-free diet plan that provides menus?

Can you recommend good resources that offer recipes for the gluten-free diet?

“It took a good 'year plus' to heal the damage that had been wrought by my evil nemesis, gluten (children will often heal faster—sometimes in six to nine months). And some ill effects still linger (FODMAPs and dairy foods are difficult to digest, and cause symptoms alarmingly akin to ingesting gluten).

But each day gluten free is a gift. 

And my body is grateful.”

— Karina Allrich, blogger at Gluten-Free Goddess® Recipes

Questions About Whether Certain Foods Are Gluten Free or Contain Gluten

Gluten-free flours: almond, coconut, teff, flaxseed meal, whole rice, brown rice, buckwheat

What is maltodextrin, and is it gluten free?

Are oats gluten free?

Is oatmeal gluten free?

Is rice gluten free?

Is buckwheat gluten free?

Is quinoa gluten free?

What are the gluten foods to avoid?

What foods contain glutenoids?

Questions About Health and Eating Gluten Free

Is eating gluten free only required for people with celiac disease?

Can I be healthy on a diet free of gluten?

Are there special nutritional considerations for the gluten-free diet for kids?

Do I need to take gluten-free medications and supplements?

Is the gluten-free diet a weight-loss diet?

Why do some people recommend a gluten-free diet for autism?

“The road to health is paved with good intestines!” 

— Sherry A. Rogers, MD, author of How to Cure Diabetes and Detoxify or Die

Questions About Grains

What are grains?

What are the gluten-free grains?

Should I eat a grain-free diet?

What is the controversy over Dr. David Perlmutter book, Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar—Your Brain's Silent Killers?

Is corn a grain?

What are the health benefits of corn?

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